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The historic 3.43 hectare Howard Smith Wharves site on the Brisbane river is set to be transformed to a world class riverside precinct with more than 2.7 hectares of public open space, a 164 room Art Series Hotel, an exhibition and events centre, a craft brewery, and an array of restaurants and cafes.

Hutchies is proud to be engaged by HSW Nominees to deliver this high-quality community space that celebrates its history and prime waterfront location. Connecting the New Farm Riverwalk and the CBD, the completed development will deliver an inclusive space for the local community, nearby workers and visitors to the city. As part of Hutchies

Hutchies has deep connections with Brisbane. We

Scott Hutchinson, Chairman

Hutchinson Builders

January 2018

Construction Journey

HB_M_HowardSmithWharves_Render (11).jpg
HB_M_HowardSmithWharves_Render (1).jpg

Shared Pathway Approval & Plans

Hutchinson Builders is undertaking the redevelopment of the Howard Smith Wharves project between the New Farm Riverwalk and Ivory Street From 1 June 2017 to 31 December 2018. 

During this time the Shared Pathway will remain open, but will be re-diverted at various stages throughout construction. The approval for the changes to the Shared Pathway are outlined below from Brisbane City Council including the approved Site Management Plans.

There will be times of full closure and these will be separately applied for and notified to the public.

Signage will be placed at either end of the Shared Pathway and at interaction locations where workers and machinery cross the Shared Pathway.

Cyclists and pedestrians are advised to slow down and watch for workers and machinery throughout the duration of the Howard Smith Wharves precinct.

For further information please contact 

Timothy Ferguson
Project Manager

Hutchinson Builders

Telephone 0419 762 437

Brisbane City Council Approval

We approve the closure of the Shared Pathway from the Brisbane River Boardwalk to the City Reach Boardwalk for the Howard Smith Wharf Development with your provided diversions from 1st June 2017 to the 31st December 2018 with attached conditions:

Stage 1 and 2 works (plans SMP01 and SMP02) between 1st June 2017 - 30th June 2017 with the following conditions:

  • Minimum shared pathway width of 2.5m to be maintained at all times (Shared pathway width to be extended out to 3.0m where possible).

Stage 3 works (SMP03) between 1st July 2017

Howard Smith Wharves

Entertainment & Leisure

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