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Hutchinson Builders was engaged by Parkwood International under a Design and Construct contract (AS4902) to build their new sports and medical precinct on the existing golf course. The anchor tenant for the works is the Gold Coast Titans, and the facility is utilised as their high-performance centre and office operations.

The magnitude and aspiration of the work presented several significant issues. Firstly, construction was located at the main entrance of an existing golf course which was required to remain operational throughout the build. Secondly, the buildings were to be located in a designated flood plain which required significant civil works to balance out the impact of structure in the flood model. The Q100 level is ~RL12 with the crown of the field being RL8.04, carpark RL9.50 and the main podium slab and services at RL12.45. Thirdly, the geographical spread of the job site

To have a purpose-built facility housing our administration, coaching and specialist medical staff just metres from our training field as part of a multifaceted community club, is not only a great outcome operationally, but it just makes perfect business sense as the Titans continue to grow and evolve.

Graham Annesley

Aquis Gold Coast Titans CEO

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Parkwood International Gold Coast Titans Training Centre

Sporting, Parks & Recreation

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